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Windshield Replacement Services

The Dixon brand has been replacing automotive windshields for decades. With a workman labor guarantee for no leaks, rattles or wind noises, Dixon’s quality windshield installation service has left only positive customer reviews over the years. It’s on the Box.

As a classic car expert, we service windshield for your classic Ford, Chevy or any other classic model. Dixon will cover any windshield chips up to a year after a newly installed product.

The range of automotive services and experience makes Dixon a local automotive windshield installation expert. Dixon Auto Glass replacement can handle a broken windshield of any make and model car, truck, semi truck, SUV, motor cycle, classic model cars and trucks from the 50s and 60s and even earlier. For more information about the company, its employees and history, visit our about us page or visit us on our Facebook Social Media page.

To make your appointment for new windshield replacements or any auto glass replacement, feel free to call us at 918 245 1355 or fill out our contact form online and we’ll be with you, shortly.

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Windshield Removal Process:

Our windshield installation services include three parts. First, the removal and disposal of the cracked or broken windshield. Second, Dixon removes all glass fragments and rubber from the dashboard, seats and floorboards keeping a clean and professional work space. Lastly, Dixon installs the new windshield designed for your automobile’s make and model with free rock chip protection for up to 12 months.

After Windshield Installation Service:

Directly after your windshield installation we suggest that you stay off of the highway or rough terrain for the next 12 hours to allow the urethane to dry.

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