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Automotive Door Glass Details

Dixon Auto Glass can cut door old classic automotive door glass given the correct pattern. Dixon can trim, cut the glass and smooth it with our water sand machine. Automotive windows are located in four different classified areas. The diver’s side door window, passenger side door window, rear driver’s and passenger’s side rear windows. When broken, tempered automotive glass shatters. It leaves crumbles of glass particles throughout the vehicle on the floorboards, seats and dashboards. Part of Dixon’s service is to vacuum those shards as a simple courtesy. We Then remove the old door window frame and replace with new tempered door glass. Dixon also has old patterns for door window models when a door glass is hard to find.

The Mechanical Variations of Door Panels

Door panels are also mechanically different from vehicle to vehicle. Broken vehicle door glass can also get into the door panels and must be vacuumed out.  Determining specific door panel mechanics can be cumbersome. These mechanical differences may take more time for a less experienced installer to fix. That’s why Tim Dixon’s experience keeps Dixon Auto Glass rates competitive.There are several washers, nuts, bolts, screws and pieces that come with different door panels. Only experience can help an automotive glass expert determine how and where to fix a door panel. It is visually difficult to determine where these pieces are and where they go. If you’re simply having trouble rolling the existing car window up or down visit Dixon Auto Glass at our Door Regulator and Motors Page.

Rubber Felts and Other Pieces of The Door

Door glass is also enclosed by rubber felts that surround the door glass, sealing it from the outside elements. These felts can be different from vehicle to vehicle and are trimmed to the door lengths by the auto glass technician. On classic model cars felts can be found throughout the vehicle on other glass parts like quarter glasses, vent glasses and even some back glasses. The project of changing door glass is among the most difficult auto glass installation tasks, as they are so different from one another. Different vehicles are more difficult than others. That’s why the 60 years of experience is so valuable to Dixon Auto Glass and the time it takes to install the door glass.

Sanding Glass Cut Edges

Dixon Auto Glass can cut door glass from patterns. Dixon also cuts glass for a number of other jobs like table glass, boat glass and other door glasses. The water sander machine runs with a sand paper style belt with water streaming atop of the belt. This sands the sharp edges of the glass into a fine sand like glass film off of the edge. Dixon can offer this service given the pattern and dimensions of the glass.

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