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How Much Does a Windshield Cost?

How much does a new windshield and installation cost? There are a couple of factors that come into play. The price of a windshield or any vehicle glass depends on the supply and demand of the product. When a automotive glass is more readily available “in stock” in a warehouse closest to Tulsa, ultimately the cost of the auto glass is the least. However, the closest location to find a particular glass may be miles away at any given time, and possibly in another state with additional transportation costs. Most auto glass installers in Tulsa operate as a retailer of a distribution wholesaler. Retailers receive benefits for routine orders and deliveries with lower windshield costs. Auto glass companies will receive better deals as they buy more glass. For a free windshield glass quote, contact Dixon Auto Glass today!

Ways To Get a Better Deal

If the cost of a windshield replacement is too high, a customer can wait until a later date or check the aftermarket status of the glass. However, the opposite effect may happen if the stock continues to deplete.  Shipments are made by mass orders and will also affect the cost of an installation.  You can buy the glass yourself and take it to an installer, but it is more expensive to do so. You would need to consider how to transport, the additional cost, the financial risk of breaking the glass plus the time and hassle of the task. Dixon bypasses delivery fees by picking up the glass at the wholesaler in addition to free mobile service for Tulsa County customers.

Sometimes when a glass is not in stock from any nearby warehouse, auto glass businesses will check auto salvages to locate a door glass, quarter glass, vent glass or back glass. This sometimes may be a more affordable way of getting the glass and the only option to locate an available rare piece or out of stock vehicle glass.

How Hiring An Experienced Installer May Be More Affordable

Other variables that affect the Windshield Cost include sensors, rare vehicles, tinted glass or the installation difficulty level of the year, make and model vehicle. Classic makes and models are sometime more difficult to install due to curvatures and unique patterns. Many automotive companies will refer Dixon for our experience in classic makes and models. Where windshield installation may cost other companies more time, our expertise keeps pricing at industry standards.

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